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We’ve ALL felt it before.

Tense neck and shoulder muscles, a headache, an overwhelming feeling of too much responsibility — AKA, stress.

And while stress is a part of life, managing it properly is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

To help combat your unique stressors, acupuncture works to help calm the central nervous system and release endorphins — the brains natural “feel good” chemicals.

After a consultation with your provider, they will customize a treatment plan just for you, and begin to insert acuneedles into the corresponding meridians to promote stress reduction and increase relaxation.

Soon, endorphins will be released, and levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) may be lowered.

When you experience endorphins, similarly to how you do after you exercise, you tend to feel better, lighter, calmer and happier.

New evidence also suggests that acupuncture might have the power to alter brainwaves, just like meditation does, all while helping you to feel less pain and muscle tension as well.

We provide a welcoming and relaxing space where we play gentle, soothing music for you to enjoy throughout the entirety of your treatment.

So all you need to do is sit back and RELAX! (Literally.)