Often used as a complementary therapy to acupuncture, the power of massage is undeniable.

By ending your acupuncture session with a gentle yet therapeutic massage, the benefits on your body will be reinforced and supported through targeted strokes and compressions of your muscles while targeting acupressure points, too. In traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture + massage together are called Tui Na.

Through the power of human touch, endorphins (the feel-good, pain relieving hormones) will be released and help to jumpstart healing, while the Qi that’s been restored from acupuncture flow simultaneously. Think of massage and acupuncture as one another’s sidekicks, each helping the other to achieve the ultimate goal of stress or pain relief, improved sleep, increased mobility, improved mood, and more.

At NJ Acupuncture Center, each session ends with a complimentary massage. So book your appointment today!