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Cupping Therapy in Bayonne & Jersey City

 East meets West


Cupping Therapy is a service provided at NJ Acupuncture Center in Jersey City & Bayonne NJ. Cupping is used as an added service to acupuncture to move blood and lymph and remove stagnation. At NJ Acupuncture Center, cupping therapy is performed by the acupuncturist in Bayonne and Jersey City using dry cups as well as fire cups. The only side effect of cupping therapy is that it leaves bruise like marks on the skin where it is preformed. 

Cupping therapy as seen in the 2016 Olympics on Michael Phelps and others is an  ancient form of Chinese Medicine. It's roots date back to Egyptian times, 3000 B.C. It is believed that Hippocrates employed this practice of medicine in 400 B.C. as well. 

At NJ Acupuncture Center in Bayonne & Jersey City, cupping therapy is used to move blood and lymph for patients who have neck, thoracic, or low back pain. We use both glass and silicone cups and employ a method of sliding and stagnant cupping.