Four Reasons Why Acupuncture Makes a Great Gift

As the holiday season is now in full swings, we find ourselves caught up in  the hustle and bustle and, let’s face it, the stress that accompanies it all can be a bit overwhelming.  Between cooking, baking, cleaning, shopping, and tackling your gift list there’s little downtime, which is much needed for our well-being. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone.

Let acupuncture can help, and help you conquer the gift-giving game, too. Here are four reasons why acupuncture makes a great gift for both yourself, and anyone on your list.


1.     It’s the Gift of Self Care

Clothing can fade, gift certificates expire and technology is consistently being improved upon, but the one thing that nobody can take away from you is your health and well-being- which is his is exactly what acupuncture can help to improve.

2.     It’s Thoughtful

Has someone on your list been talking about how they’ve wanted to try acupuncture? It’s a no brainer. If someone has been opening up about sleep, anxiety or depression issues, it’s also a really thoughtful way to help them get back to feeling themselves. Just be sure they’d be open to the treatment prior to gifting, so it doesn’t go to waste.

3.     It’s A Time Out

Relaxation is incredibly important to prevent burnout and a slew of other unpleasant side effects. If someone you know is constantly on the go, gifting them the gift of acupuncture is a forced “time out” of sorts, which is often sorely needed and happily welcomed. Even a short 20-minute session with the lights out and phones away could be all someone needs to recharge and re-center, ready to tackle the new year head on.

4. It's Risk Free

Unlike popular massage club memberships or treatments that come with complicated stipulations, gifting an acupuncture gift card or session comes with no strings attached and no risks involved - just like the procedure itself! While you hope the recipient loves it as much as we do, theres no pressure on them to return or "buy in" to any gimmicks or deals. An extra perk? Even one session of acupuncture can yield results. It's a win/win.