Acupuncture for Anti Aging

Smile lines, crow’s feet and frown lines, oh my! These, and other obvious signs of aging are often something we go great lengths (and expenses) to try to combat, camouflage and prevent.

Often, we will pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in our lifetimes for expensive creams, treatments and sometimes even surgery to restore ourselves into an image of younger hears/. But what if we told you that a completely natural and noninvasive method has proven effective, too?

Before opting for injections, fillers, nips and tucks – why not try acupuncture for anti-aging?

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In a 2009 article from entitled “Facial acupuncture: An alternative to Botox” contributor Marisa Belger shared her experiences with facial acupuncture as an alternative to injections.   

She said, “Most facial acupuncturists recommend a series of 10 successive sessions (every week or twice a week) with monthly follow-up sessions for maintenance. My schedule rarely allowed for weekly sessions — I was on the every-other-week plan — but the one time I went two weeks in a row, I noticed that the wrinkles in my forehead, etched there from more than 30 years of brow arching, were lighter, less significant somehow. And my mommy lines were no longer the focal point of my face, seeming to have softened back into that place above my nose.”

By stimulating blood flow and aiding to release any blocked or stagnant Qi, facial acupuncture can help to fight the tell-tale signs of aging, and help to restore a more useful, plump appearance to the skin.

Before considering costly and / or invasive treatments to fill, smooth or laser, consider trying the most natural and holistic approach. If looking to incorporate acupuncture into your skincare routine, contact the center or make an appointment today for a consultation and appointment.