Sneezing? Coughing? Itchy Eyes? We Can Help!

Though it’s not official for a few more days, the crisp temps are here to remind us that fall is (almost) here in full force. Bring on the colorful leaves, apple cider, chunky sweaters, boots and pumpkin spice lattes! But please, leave the allergies behind!

If you’ve already begun suffering with your seasonal allergies, we’re here to tell you it will probably only get worse as the temperatures continue to drop. But have no fear — acupuncture is here to help!

Traditional acupuncture is a restorative, much more natural way to have you feeling much better, quickly.

So while your friends may be keeping Zyrtec or Claritin in business, why not consider acupuncture? Here’s how it can help.

Allergies are often the result if inflammation, which acupuncture is known to help remedy. By restoring the flow of Qi, it ca also help to alleviate congestion and any associated sinus pain and pressure, too.

So if you’re sneezing, itching and watery eyes and overall feelings of discomfort are bothering you, head on in for a session today. You have nothing to lose - except your sniffles!