China Embracing Acupuncture for Dogs

In prior posts, we’ve shared stories of how acupuncture can help to improve the lives, pain levels and mobility in animals and beloved pets. This story is no different, but covers how animal acupuncture is now being incorporated into pet care in China, too.



According to a post last week from TIME magazine, China’s use of pet acupuncture is booming — which is interesting given their controversial, inhumane and well, complicated history of relationships with dogs. 


While tons of animal activists are consistently making efforts to improve the lives of dogs and save them from the infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival, other Chinese households are expanding their love and appreciation for our four-legged friends, and we couldn't be happier.

Some are even turning to the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine. And Neurology Animal Health Center, seeking acupuncture treatments to help their pets with a wide range of issues and discomforts.

The TIME article quotes dog owner Mr. Wang, who brought his toy poodle to the acupuncture clinic after being involved in a car accident. Of the treatment experience he said, “ I think the treatment works, because now my dog  can stand up with just a little help, so I’m optimist about his recovery.”

Acupuncturist Jin Rishan explained that human and dog acupuncture are quite similar saying, “Acupuncture for pets is almost the same as that for humans,” and, “You have to figure out the main and accompany acupoints based on the disease.”

We love that more and more people and countries are beginning to incorporate acupuncture into animal care, as the therapy and it’s benefits does not have to be limited to humans.

While we only treat humans at NJ Acupuncture Center, we love our furry friends and are thrilled they are experiencing the healing benefits of the practice.

Acupuncture for Your Furry Friends

If you’ve given acupuncture a try for yourself, you know the incredible benefits of the ancient practice. By balancing the energy in the body, acupuncture has proven to be a beneficial treatment for a wide array of human ailments and conditions. But did you know that humans aren’t the only animals who can benefit from acupuncture? That’s right—if you’ve got a furry friend who is struggling with their own ailments, veterinary acupuncture may be just what you’re looking for.


Veterinary acupuncture has been around since the 1970s, but didn’t really gain popular acceptance until nearly two decades later. While many people are still opting for medicinal treatments to treat the health issues ailing their dogs or cats, acupuncture works on many animals at nearly zero risk. Acupuncture is a beneficial treatment option for many types of pets, including ill pets, animal athletes, geriatric pets, cancer patients, surgical and post surgical pets and more.

One recent story is evidence of the treatment’s success (and a real heart-warmer, too!) Dan, a rescue cat located in Columbia, South Carolina, was treated at Seven Oaks Animal Hospital late last year for hind end paralysis—leaving him unable to use his legs and walk. But after three months’ worth of acupuncture treatment, coupled with medical therapy, Dan was once again able to walk.

And veterinary acupuncture is not just for cats and dogs—Seven Oaks says they’ve also treated non-venomous snakes as well as chickens, too!

While we only treat humans here, it’s always good to know what options can be out there, whether it’s you or your furry friend who is in need of pain relief. Knowing what we do about its efficiency and benefits, it’s no wonder that the lovely animals we share the earth with have also found acupuncture to be a reliable, low-risk treatment that seriously improves quality of life.