Can Acupuncture Help You Lose Weight?

With Halloween just behind us and the winter holidays fast approaching, many of us are entering what is known as “the danger zone,” - AKA the time of year where our indulgences in sweets, comfort foods and beverages at festive gatherings can quickly catch up with us, and our waistlines.

Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds or to combat any potential holiday weight gain, following a healthy diet and getting proper exercise is key. But, could acupuncture help, too?

According to Women’s Health Magazine, it’s possible. The article stated, “‘Obviously, we have a huge obesity epidemic and we’re trying to find any way to help people lose weight,’ says Reshmi Srinath, M.D. and assistant professor of medicine, endocrinology, diabetes and bone disease at Mt. Sinai. Unfortunately, she notes that there aren’t enough controlled, randomized studies proving a direct link between weight loss and acupuncture. ‘I do, however, think there are benefits,’ she says. ‘It certainly can’t hurt.’ “

Acupuncture can help to reduce hunger by controlling appetite, and can also release the feel-good endorphins that may help prevent overeating and overindulging. Typical points that target weight loss and appetite control are located in the ear, as well as in the abdomen, knees, and elbows.

You probably know by now that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss, and no quick fixes. (Or quick fixes that are healthy and promote lasting results, at least.) With this knowledge, it is recommended to follow a treatment plan with consecutive treatments – as one treatment is not likely to have any effect on weight.

In addition to acupuncture treatment, Dr. Daniel N. Hsu of New York Acuhealth Acupuncture has said that Traditional Chinese Medicine also recommends patients:

·      Eat small meals

·      Eat warmed, fresh cooked food

·      Avoid cold drinks and frozen food

·      Avoid fried foods

·      Avoid alcohol and caffeine

·      Avoid anything with added sugar

·      Avoid fast food and junk food


Introducing AcuScuplt™

For those looking for a natural, alternative therapy to aid in their weight loss efforts, look no further than AcuSculpt . A newly trademarked system designed by NJ Acupuncture Center’s owner and main acupuncturist Ani Baran L.AC, AcuSculpt is leading the way of enabling weight loss through a dual modality approach – combining acupuncture and targeted massage.

The scientifically targeted service aims to slim and tone using a split treatment session of acupuncture immediately followed by firm massage.

The first step of AcuSculpt  involves acupuncture needles strategically placed first within specified weight-loss meridians. Acupuncture is believed to help facilitate weight loss as it stabilizes qi and better facilitates energy flow, while helping to reduce the fat storage hormone leptin. The service can also aid in improving liver function, thus helping the body process waste and properly digest what is consumed.

To further rev up the metabolism, supplemental electro-acupuncture is also used, as micro current stimulation is sent between pairs of acupuncture needles, targeting a releasing of accumulated or difficult to target qi. 

After a 30-minute session, the second portion of the service follows. A firm, stimulating full body massage is performed, helping to release any stubborn or retained gas and/or bloat from the abdomen area as well as fluid retention and accumulation in the thighs.

The combination of services will, over time, stimulate metabolism, regulate bowel movements and help combat fluid retention, swelling, bloating and gas – all while leading to a slimmer and more toned physique.

As with any meaningful health or fitness goals, the key to efficacy is consistency. In regard to expected results, consistent patients can reasonably expect to lose approximately 1-2 pounds per week, when supplemented by a moderate and healthful diet. To monitor progress and weight loss, patients will be measured and weighed upon beginning the treatment cycle.

Added benefits of AcuSculpt  include its potential effect on facial appearance, too. To complement a newly slimmed physique, AcuSculpt  also has demonstrated an ability to target and combat facial bloating, wrinkling and sagging of the skin. Commonly referred to as “cosmetic acupuncture” it can help restore and replenish skin elasticity, bringing fresh healthy blood to areas in need.

The end results? A refreshed and healthy appearance, from head to toe.